Our Lunch Buffet is Served with All You Can Eat Briyani, Vegetarian and Non Vegetarina dishes, Naan, Plain/Masala Dosas & Sweets!
Build Your Own Lunch Box With Complimentary Naan or Dosa $6.99/ Lb!
We Cater for All Occassions. We do Dosa Party at Your House!!
We are open on 7 Days
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Chennai Fusion Grill offers a wide selection of delicious Indian foods created with a blend of flavors, herbs, and spices. A variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items are made in ways traditional to India. With the fusion of authentic Indian cuisine with healthier alternatives, there are delicious items for everyone to enjoy. Chennai Fusion Grill offers dishes consisting of all levels of hotness, from mild to spicy. A lunch buffet is also offered, which consists of a wide selection of Indian foods and desserts for the complete dining experience.

Indian Cooking

Authentic Indian cuisine dates back to the pre-Aryan era, where foods were prepared with an assortment of different herbs and spices. The traditional Indian cuisine has carried on to modern times, with the continuation of authentic cooking techniques. The addition of culinary spices gives Indian foods a distinct flavor, color and aroma. The exotic Indian foods offer all levels of hotness from mild to spicy, to suit everyone’s taste preference. A variety of dishes are made with a unique blend of flavors, typically eaten with traditional naan or rice. Authentic appetizers and desserts are also made for the full Indian food experience. With an award-winning chef, Chennai Fusion Grill offers a modern take on Indian cuisine with the fusion of foods from different regions of India for delicious dishes everyone will love.


Chennai Fusion grill offers catering services for all small and large functions and daily/ weekly meals. We offer customized menus for each event, with a large list of options to choose from, including South Indian ,North Indian and Indian Chinese food. We will serve your needs perfectly for:

  • » Corporate Lunch

  • » Corporate Dinner

  • » Weddings

  • » Birthdays

  • » Anniversaries

  • » Graduations

  • » Parties

We do Dosa Party at Your House!
For all catering services, corporate and special events enquiry call 480-2058377 Or email chennaifusiongrill@gmail.com.



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Phone: 480-705-5444
Email: chennaifusiongrill@gmail.com